Interestingly, the name Chrysanthemum is derived from Greek chrysos (gold) and anthos (flower) and so it is rather fitting that in my garden, flowering late into the autumn, are some very pretty splashes of Mediterranean colour. Orange, purple, yellow and red, many of them planted in containers so that sizes and shapes can be controlled more easily. It also means I can move the containers to sheltered spots during the winter to protect the plants from winds and frost. In addition, I also grow Clematis vines, filling up the spaces with flowers, and covering up my garden fence. Finally, a small selection of delicate Roses, white and pale pink, in contrast to the vibrancy of my beloved Chrysanths, adorn my garden with their beauty.
There is something about perennials that attracts me. Perhaps it's the colours that offer temptation, or maybe it's the thorns and the vines spiraling out of control, asking to be tamed. One thing I do know is that the perennial, by its very nature, will be back. When its petals wilt and drop and its stems wither, I know deep in my heart that a perennial is still alive. When my plants disappear I know that I will, some day, admire their exquisiteness again.
purple flowers
purple flowers
I belong to the advisory group for the National Chrysanthemum Growth Society and play an active role in my local community gardening groups. I could say that gardening is my life.
Hi, my name is Mr. Rambunctious and I am a budding gardener.
I would like to show off my biggest hobby at this time: growing Chrysanthemums and other perennial flowering plants.
Mr Rambunctious